Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Ottawa, Ohio

May 20, 2018

Forever Foundation Repair is your Ottawa, Ohio basement waterproofing and sinking foundation specialist. Ottawa, Ohio has beautiful architectures, and homes; though none of these structures will last if the foundations are not properly maintained.

Forever Foundation Repair is the leader in Ottawa, Ohio for basement waterproofing. A wet basement in your Ottawa, Ohio home can be very irritating causing your items to get wet, moldy, stinky, and rusty. A basement without proper basement waterproofing and drainage can also cause your basement walls to bow and deteriorate. There are several basement issues to look for in your basement, including bowing basement walls, tilting basement walls, water leakage running down the wall or across the floor, leakage around utility lines, musty odors, and stinky unsealed sump basins that allow radon gas to leak in your basement. Fortunately, Forever Foundation Repair can solve all of your basement issues with one of our following products and services: interior basement waterproofing, sealed sump basins, industry leading sump pumps, battery backup systems, and our galvanized steel beam and bracket system for bowing basement walls. No matter the issue, if your Ottawa, Ohio home has a wet basement or bowing basement walls Forever Foundation Repair has the tools and products to dry your basement and straighten your bowed basement walls. Check out our solutions category and request a quote online today!  

Forever Foundation Repair has also spent several years fixing the sinking foundations in Ottawa, Ohio. A sinking foundation can destroy the structure of your home. Soil conditions in Ottawa, Ohio are pretty stable compared to some Ohio areas, though with constantly changing weather patterns foundations still continue to sink and shift. If you have a sinking foundation, here are some common signs you may have noticed: sticking doors and windows, drywall cracks, stair step cracks in brick veneer, stair step cracks in foundations, and tilting chimneys. Forever Foundation Repair can solve your sinking foundation by installing our helical pier system on your foundation, the helical pier system is a helical shaft that drills into the stable soil and attaches to the foundation to lift and stabilize your sinking foundation. We specialize in sinking foundations, helical piers, interior drainage, basement waterproofing, sump pump solutions, bowing basement walls, and galvanized steel beam and bracket systems. Go to our solutions category to view our helical pier system for your sinking foundation in Ottawa, Ohio and request a quote online.