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Wet Leaky Basement?

This QuikFlo state-of-the-art waterproofing system was voted the most reliable waterproofing system on the market by waterproofing installers. It was invented by Richtech Industries in Avon, Ohio.

Did you know 95% of all basement leakage starts at the cove joint, where the wall meets the floor, as hydrostatic pressure pushes water through the floor and the wall joint?

Polydrain maintains a 5/8" air gap between the footer and the replacement slab.
Why use a QuikFlo system?

• It’s 2 1/4″ tall and 4″ wide, which is one of the largest drainage capacities on the market.

• QuikFlo sits beside the footing to collect water from the walls and under the floor, keeping the basement dry and humidity levels low.

• Every basement gets one inspection port, which lets you see how much water is flowing through your system during heavy rains.

• Concrete can be poured back over the system to revert it back to its original thickness.

• It’s clog-proof, easy to maintain, and it has a lifetime warranty.

How It Works

The QuikFlo Drainage System is designed to be installed under the floor and sit beside the concrete footing. Heavy rains can last for hours or days, which can raise the water table under the basement floor until water pushes up through the wall and floor joints. The QuikFlo Drainage System is designed to catch the groundwater and relieve water pressure from the walls, before it reaches the basement floor.

How is the QuikFlo system installed?

1. Once everything is ready, the installers will arrive and cover all carpet and vinyl flooring with carpet tape and vinyl tape leading up to the basement door. 

2. The basement floor is cut with a wet saw 10″ from the wall around the inside perimeter of the basement. This is done for two reasons. One, it allows for the concrete to come out easier and minimizes the dust. Two, the clean-cut edge allows for the new concrete to be poured back over the systems neatly with a clean edge. 

3. The 10-inch section of the basement floor around the inside perimeter is removed and a trench is dug six inches wide and four inches deep beside the concrete footing for the waterproofing system. 

4. Thick plastic is laid at the bottom of the trench.

5. The QuikFlo waterproofing system is installed beside the concrete footer and is connected to the sealed sump pump basin. The project manager will recommend the proper sump basin size, depending on the size of the basement.

6. The waterproofing system and around the sump pump basin will get covered in gravel.

7. If the basement walls are getting a wall cover, the basement walls will be covered.

8. Gray poly drain covers the waterproofing system and the concrete floor is poured in place.

9. The job site is cleaned. You now have a clean, dry basement with a lifetime transferable warranty.

What do I need to get ready?

We ask that the homeowner has all items moved away from the basement walls to the center of the basement and that they cover all items in the basement with plastic. Any items in the basement not covered in plastic will be covered prior to starting.

Sometimes water equipment sits against the basement wall, such as a water heater, water softener, or well pump. The owner will need to hire a plumbing company to temporarily move those items at least four feet from the basement wall. The water equipment should remain connected, and water equipment can be put back once the job is completed.

Every basement waterproofing system will get one or two sump pump systems installed and possibly a dehumidifier. If there are no receptacles in the chosen location the homeowner will need to have an electrician install two to four receptacles above the sump basins to power the sump pumps and dehumidifier.

Homeowners rely on Forever Foundation Repair of Lima, Ohio for honest and trusted advice, and we strive to provide the most dependable products and warranties in the industry. All of our staff is trained to properly install products and provide homeowners with the best experience possible.

We’re upfront and honest! No long three-hour presentations! No scare tactics. No price haggling! No quick fix on top of the footer systems. All our material is ICC approved and guaranteed to last the life of your home.

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