Celina, Ohio

Basement Waterproofing in Celina, Ohio

July 20, 2023

Are you experiencing a leaking basement in Celina, Ohio? Having water in your basement can lead to high humidity, mold, mildew, fungus, and even damage to your furnace. Water intrusion can occur through various areas such as the cove joint where the floor meets the wall, basement wall cracks, and basement windows. At Forever Foundation Repair, we specialize in basement waterproofing in Celina, Ohio, providing you with a clean and dry basement.

Wet Flooding Crawlspace Repair in Celina, Ohio

Many homeowners are unaware of the condition of their crawlspaces. However, a wet and humid crawlspace can cause several issues, including rotting and sagging floor joists, rotting and sagging main beams, the presence of bugs, and unpleasant odors. At Forever Foundation Repair, we are experts in crawlspace waterproofing and encapsulation in Celina. Our services will help you address these problems and create a healthier environment for your home.

Foundation Repair in Celina, Ohio

Celina, Ohio, is known for its challenging soil conditions that often lead to basement walls bowing inward during the wet season and foundations sinking in the dry season. Signs of bowing basement walls are usually noticeable, with block basement walls typically cracking and bowing in the center or pushing in off the first course of blocks. Concrete basement walls may crack at each corner and tilt inward at the top when they move. Symptoms of a sinking foundation include foundation cracks, drywall cracks, and cracks in the exterior brick veneer. Regardless of the issue, Forever Foundation Repair can address your sinking foundation and bowing basement walls in Celina, Ohio.

Common Customer Questions and Answers in Celina, Ohio

Question: My basement is leaking at the bottom of the wall, and water is coming up through the cracks in my basement floor. Do you have a solution for that?

Response: Yes, Forever Foundation Repair can install a basement waterproofing system around the inside perimeter of your basement, effectively collecting all the water and relieving hydrostatic pressure.

Question: I have one crack in my concrete basement wall, and it is leaking. Can you fix that one crack?

Response: If it is a concrete basement wall with only one leaking crack, we can epoxy inject that crack without waterproofing the entire basement. However, we would also inspect the basement wall to determine if it is moving inward, causing the crack.

Question: When you waterproof my basement, can you use our existing sump pump system, or would you have to install your own?

Response: Forever Foundation Repair will install our own sump pump basin and system to drain our waterproofing system. This ensures that we can provide you with a full transferable warranty.

Question: What is the warranty on your basement waterproofing system?

Response: Forever Foundation Repair offers a lifetime transferable warranty on our basement waterproofing systems.

Question: Should I put a dehumidifier in my basement after Forever Foundation Repair waterproofs it?

Response: Yes, it is recommended to install a dehumidifier in your basement to reduce humidity. You can install your own basement dehumidifier, or we can install an industrial dehumidifier that comes with a 6-year warranty.

Question: Can I finish and drywall my basement after you have waterproofed it?

Response: Yes, once we have completed waterproofing your basement, you can transform it into a usable space.

Question: My basement walls are bowing inward. How can we stop them from moving?

Response: Forever Foundation Repair can install our Stable Brace system on your basement wall, effectively preventing further movement.


My basement wall is bowing. Can you straighten it?


Yes, Forever Foundation Repair can straighten your basement wall either immediately or over time. When we install the Stable Brace system, we have two options. We can excavate along the outside of the basement wall and straighten it immediately. Alternatively, during the dry season when the soil contracts and pulls away from the basement wall, we can perform a service call and tighten the bolts on the Stable Brace system to gradually straighten the basement wall over several months without excavation.


What is the warranty on your Stable Brace system for bowing basement walls, and will it rust?


Forever Foundation Repair offers a lifetime warranty on our Stable Brace system. Additionally, our system is made of galvanized steel, ensuring it will not rust.


My floor joists are sagging, causing my drywall to crack and doors to stick. Do you have a solution for that?


Yes, Forever Foundation Repair can install our galvanized power jack system in your crawlspace to support your floor joists. However, we will conduct a full crawlspace inspection to determine if the sagging floor joists are a result of improper construction or high humidity levels.


My crawlspace is very wet and humid. How would you fix that?


Forever Foundation Repair recommends installing a drain system in your crawlspace and performing crawlspace encapsulation to effectively seal out water and humidity.


Should I have a dehumidifier in my crawlspace?


If your crawlspace is encapsulated, it is highly recommended to install a dehumidifier. This will allow us to control the environment within the crawlspace and maintain optimal humidity levels.


I think my foundation is sinking. My drywall is cracked, doors are sticking, and I have cracks in my exterior brick veneer. What is the solution for that?


A sinking foundation is a common issue, but there is a solution. Forever Foundation Repair can install helical piers to fix your sinking foundation. With our solution, we provide a lifetime warranty, ensuring your foundation will never move again.

Forever Foundation Repair has been successfully fixing sinking foundations and waterproofing basements in Celina, Ohio, since 2005. If you’re experiencing foundation problems, don’t hesitate to contact Forever Foundation Repair for professional assistance.