Basement Waterproofing in Fort Loramie, Ohio

June 4, 2020

A homeowner’s basement was flooding in Fort Loramie, Ohio, during heavy rains. They also found they had bowing Basement Walls. The homeowners hired Forever Foundation Repair to install a basement waterproofing system and stabilize the bowing basement walls. Forever Foundation Repair installed the QuikFlo Basement Waterproofing System around the inside perimeter of the basement to collect groundwater and prevent excess groundwater from flooding the basement. The basement waterproofing system drained into a sealed sump pump basin to be discharged by the PitBoss Sump Pump System. In addition to the basement waterproofing system, Forever Foundation Repair installed a Galvanized Stable Brace System to stabilize the Bowing Basement walls.  If you have a leaky basement in Fort Loramie, Ohio, give us a call. We have a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.