Is your Foundation Sinking?

August 9, 2019
Is your foundation sinking?
What are the signs that my foundation is sinking?
Some signs aren’t necessarily as obvious as others, but if you are noticing any of the following, you may be experiencing issues with your foundation sinking.
  • sticking and hard to open windows and doors
  • drywall cracks above doors and windows
  • foundation cracks
  • stair-step cracks in exterior brick veneer
  • sloping floors
  • cabinets countertops and moldings pulling away from the wall
  • creaking and popping noises in the home due to structural stress
  • leaning tilting chimneys
What causes a foundation to sink?
There are several factors that can make foundations sink. Soil conditions could be one of your go-to suspects.
  • clay soil contrasting and expanding due to moisture content
  • rotting tree roots that cause soil voids
  • soft sandy soil conditions
If my house is sinking how far will it sink?
Once a foundation starts sinking it may only sink an inch, however, the worst-case scenario Forever Foundation Repair has seen was home sunk 13 inches.
How can Forever Foundation Repair fix my sinking foundation?
Forever Foundation Repair installs helical piers to remedy a sinking foundation. Helical piers are heavy steel pipes with round helical plates that support the foundation. They are hydraulically drilled into the ground to bear on a rock or a solid soil, typically at depths of 14 to 28 feet deep, and are attached to the foundation.

What will happen if I don’t fix a sinking foundation?

Letting a foundation sink will cause severe long-term issues with the overall stability of your structure.

  • trusses to start to pop and rip apart
  • bricks can crack
  • siding has been known to stretch
  • electrical wires installed in the framing start to stretch and tear
  • plumbing pipes can break
  • shingles can start to stretch causing leaking roofs

In summary, a sinking foundation can and will cause damage to your building. Once you start to notice any of the above-mentioned signs or are suspecting your foundation may be compromised give us a call and we would be happy to fix it forever.