Sea Wall Repair in Toledo, Ohio

December 4, 2016

Foundation, Basement, Sea Wall Repair in the Toledo & Maumee, Ohio Area

Foundation, Basement, Sea Wall Repair in the Toledo & Maumee Ohio Area

Forever Foundation Repair knows the unique soil behaviors and common problems for Toledo homes. We have the best structural repair materials and methods found in the West Lake Erie area, and along the Maumee.

We have served the Toledo & Maumee area for over a decade fixing waterfront retaining walls and sinking foundations.

Contact us today if you notice symptoms of structural damage such as uneven floors, musty smells, leaning chimneys, cracked brick walls, or bowing sea walls.

Erie and Maumee Waterfront Seawalls

Forever Foundation Repair specializes in custom repairing bowing water retaining walls. Employing the only permanent solutions you’ll find in Ohio, we do work on waterfront properties all up and down the Maumee, as well as lakefront properties.

Foundation Repair in Shifting Soil

Living near large bodies of water adds weather and water concerns, causing accelerated shifting and the settling soil. When the soil beneath your home moves it creates cracks that increase in severity. Your home may tilt, move, and shift causing structures to be less safe.

Midwest Basement Waterproofing

We know our way around basements. With decades of experience working on wet and moldy basements, we provide the best solutions with the expertise to back it up.